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Important! Please note this is an estimate and not a formal quotation. It does not contain any applicable sales tax. Clients in New Jersey are subject to NJ sales tax.  Our estimates will come very close to the final quote which we will provide you after discussing your project in more detail.   Since its clearly in our interest to retain you as a client, we make every effort to help you achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost while delivering the highest quality service and support. Phased project implementations are possible along with installment payments at predetermined milestones depending on credit worthiness.  100% U.S. Based Labor Only.

* Required fields  (may denote external services not provided by Rockbridge required to be obtained directly by the customer prior to website design. Examples, payment gateways, business bank accounts for direct deposits, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net accounts, Acuity and ISN Scheduling Software, setting up a Google Account for SEO optimization, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc.  Rockbridge Hosting DOES provide SSL Security Certificates and Dedicated IPs which are required to process credit cards on your website as well as full hosting services and support agreement contracts to meet your needs.)

** also see our Gold / Silver and Bronze Hosting Packaged Plans.* — Website hosting services for these bundled packages includes a required a hosting package from Rockbridge Hosting  (see Website Packages)

Note: Your website will require a website server hosting service regardless of who designs your website! Hosting your website with Rockbridge Hosting provides you consolidated one stop shopping for all your website and email service needs.  You will never have to worry about forgetting to renew website server hosting services or domain name renewals again!  We will help you transfer any hosting service and domain name registration to us for full consolidation of all your on line requirements including eMail services.

Post Installation Support: Please visit our Support Page for support options if you plan on using our services after we have designed and installed your website. All websites come with 2 hours of free training on how to edit / modify and add new pages and content to your new website. Current Post Installation Labor Rates can also be found here.