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Website Backup Strategies


FREE*  $7 / Month  $12 / Month
Database Backup -Backs up your added text content on pages and articles as well as all settings and user base data as well as data collected from applications. THIS DOES NOT BACK UP IMAGES YOU HAVE UPLOADED!! Yes Yes Yes
Uploaded Images / Media No Yes Yes
Core WordPress Software No No (Manual Restore) Yes
Theme (Site Backgrounds Colors etc..) No Yes Yes
Plugins No Yes Yes
Database Backup Frequency Weekly Daily Any Frequency
Full Comprehensive Backup Freq** This includes IMAGES and ALL FILES / THEMES and all the items above except the core software – downloaded separately. USB / CD  ONCE PER YEAR – SNAP SHOT OF ALL YOUR FILES AND IMAGES Weekly Daily
Backup storage Same Server Different Server Different Server
Backup delivery Email ( Database Only if under 1 MB ) Download Online Restore
DropBox Enabled – FREE STORAGE SERVICE Yes Yes Yes
Avg Backup Zip File Size Limits < 1 Mb > 100 Mb Unlimited
Cloud Based – Universal Access DropBox DropBox Amazon S3
Movement of Files > 100 Mb No Yes Yes
Set up fee No No No
Cloudflare Website Speed Enhancements No Yes Yes included
CDN Speed Enhancement No No Yes
Pricing Free $7 / Month $12 / Month
** We will send you a backup on CD or USB Drive
** Rockbridge saves a copy of your original site theme and can restore it at time and material labor rates. We however do not keep copies of your data, content, images / media you may have added after original installation or the last time we worked on your website. We recommend at least a basic backup strategy of your written content using Bronze level which is free. You must keep copies of all images and restore them within all your pages and posts if there should ever be a server crash or a loss of data for whatever reason. This option does NOT back up your added files and images which you may have added since your first  free yearly snapshot.  Excellent  intermediate backup for websites that have added content and need a more frequent backup  Full Peace of
mind for large website applications with frequent updates and also enhanced website loading speeds.
 * FREE if your Hosting Plan includes Rockbridge Technical Support
Support and assistance with the backup technology is included free with your backup strategy if you have our monthly maintenance agreement within your hosting plan.

DropBox provides up to 2 GB of FREE SPACE which you can use for your FREE backups.  Sign up if you don’t have a free DropBox off line storage account and we both benefit.

Five Points of a Backup strategy

Here are five points that must be considered in formulating a good backup plan.

#1: Plan where your backup will be stored

Even though downloading your backup to your desktop or having it sent to you in email is the easiest solution, be sure to plan to also store your backup at a different location from the server where the website resides. These days it is easy with off-site solutions like Dropbox and Amazon S3.  DropBox is FREE solution and basic, while Amazon S3 and Cloudfront provide not only backup services at low cost but also CDN Cloud services which significantly speeds up the website speed.

#2: Begin a backup routine

A backup routine can be done manually but there is every chance you might forget. Instead creating an automatic backup schedule which will take place without your intervention is recommended. Most good backup software provide for creating an automated schedule.  Rockbridge will configure the backup frequency based on the table above.

#3: Tailor your backup strategy to meet your business needs

WordPress consists of two main components Database and Files. Your backup strategy depends entirely on how often you update the content to you site.

For example if you add a new post every day then your database should be backed up everyday to prevent you losing data. However your files may need to be backed up only once a week or even once a month. Database backups DO NOT back up the images you may have uploaded to the website server.  A files backup is also needed if you desire having frequent backups of the images you have uploaded since your site was first installed.  The combination of DATABASE  AND  FILE BACKUP will ensure that everything is saved in order to restore your website back to the point in the that the backup was made.  This includes any upgrades to your special feature software, modules and plugins as well as the core WordPress files as well.

#4: Adjust backup schedules

If you have signed up for Partial or Comprehensive Backup, let Rockbridge know if you want to increase the frequency of your backup schedule. Especially if you are working on a very important project.

#5: Backup your backups!

This is something that people tend to overlook. Remember backups can be lost as well. Having a backup stored at a different location like Dropbox and Amazon S3 are good ways to backup your backup.  But if you are storing your backups on your desktop then make sure you are copying your backup to some external media. Also keep you backup copies at home and at another location. And of course you should be backing up the files on your desktop anyway.  Don’t you?

The five points described above can be combined to formulate a easy and effective backup strategy.  Give us a call if you are not sure about which backup strategy is best for you and we will review all the options with you.


Fortunately putting together a WordPress backup plan is not too difficult

Here is an easy backup strategy that should work for most small business owners.

Lets assume you have a website to which you regularly add content. The rest of your website is fairly stable and only gets updated with the latest WordPress or plugin upgrades.

It would be good idea to split your backup schedule into two automated schedules:

Schedule 1 – an automated daily backup of your database. This daily backup should be saved on your website and emailed to you. This will ensure that there are 2 locations where the database backup is stored. I recommend that you always store the last seven daily backup on your website.

Schedule II –  a weekly full backup (files and database). A full backup would take a lot more storage space so should be stored on your website and should also be stored at another location. Setting up a full backup to be stored in Dropbox or on Amazon S3 are good options.I recommend that you store the last four weekly backups on your website.


Where do you go from here?

You have now understood the the five points for a good backup strategy and have put together a backup plan based on the easy backup strategy discussed above. Now, you can now be sure to never be get caught off guard like at the dinner party when the extra guests showed up unexpectedly.

The next step is to find the right WordPress backup software and implement your plan.

Do you still feel unsure how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be more than happy to help.