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How Bill and Pay’s Key Features Can Save You Time and Money


We design website for small business. Our business offers our customers monthly, quarterly and annual recurring payments for their support services.  If your recurring billing solution does not notify your customer that their credit card is about to expire or a payment has been declined, then you have a business problem. Some merchant accounts, like Quickbooks Intuit Merchant Account, might notify you but not your customer.  This puts all the burden on you to track your client down and ask for new credit card information. If you have hundreds of customer this time sink cost can add up quickly!  Bill & Pay solves this problem.  They provide two way synchronization with Quickbooks and also provides several types of early notification to your customers.  They also provide your customer an awesome Customer Dashboard where they can review their payments, open invoices, change credit card number, set up ACH bank transfers and more. 

Now that you have read our testimonial — review the features and try their free demo and trial to be sure its a fit for your business.  Bill & Pay + Stripe + Quickbooks Online is our recommendation for a FULLY integrated solution.  We can also embed your Bill & Pay account into your WordPress website. Just contact us for more info…

  • Accept ACH or Credit Card Payments Online

o ACH payments save the business credit card fees & reduces customer debt

o Compatible with most credit card merchant accounts including Intuit

o Auto/Recurring ACH & Credit Card payments – setup by business or payer

o Customers can pay w/o an account by entering invoice # from link on your website

o Add surcharges

o Allow credit card payments per customer

o Setup installment plans

o Mobile payment version for the payer

  • Auto Sync with QuickBooks

o No need to “send” invoices, B&P sends automatically

o Payments automatically applied to invoices and moved to un-deposited funds

o Payments applied to jobs with unique payer account login option

o Built-in setup to existing QB Intuit Merchant accounts

o Bank deposit is total invoice amount – transaction fees deducted at month end

o Add new customers and payments in B&P, sync to QB w/o needing an invoice first

  • Business Benefits

o Easy set-up wizard and user-friendly screens

o Branded as the business – emails, customer portal, custom messaging

o Customer Invitation letters:  print, email, customize

o Automatic payment reminder emails

o Credit card expiration reminder emails sent automatically

o Free remote access via web for staff to access client A/R (w/no access to QB)

o Accept payments over the phone

o Attach supporting pdf documentation with invoices

  • Customer portal features

o Clean, easy to use, branded as the business

o Up to 36 months of history – view all invoices, payments and credit memos

o Access to all payment types:  cash, checks, online, phone

o Thank you email sent to customer after payment

o If customer’s account entered by customer; business doesn’t collect or see

o Up to 3 customer email addresses

  • Support

o Knowledgeable and responsive USA customer service team

o Priority given to all enhancement requests

  • Other

o Payer applies payment or partial payments to specific invoices – no errors applying wrong invoice

o View deposits for cash flow purposes w/out access to QB o Month to month contract, business can cancel at any time o  “Easy Invoice” version for non-QB users