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aboutRockbridge Designs, located in Mercer County New Jersey, is a division of Rockbridge Services, LLC. We are also linked with Rockbridge Hosting, our domain name, website server / email hosting division, to provide you an option for one stop shopping. Rockbridge Designs itself specializes in website design for small businesses, professionals, contractors, and other small to mid-sized companies seeking to improve their internet presence and increase their customer base.

We are dedicated to creating a quality internet experience for our client’s products and services without breaking their budgets!  The firm’s talent, including its founder, John DeBlase, has well over 30+ years of computer technology and marketing experience from such Fortune 500 firms as: Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Accenture, Salesforce CRM and others yet we also have small business experience. We fully understand the needs of both small and large companies as well as the individual professional. Working one on one with our clients, we build a professional website at a reasonable cost. 

With the advent of Google and powerful online search engines, the classic “phone book” has become an over priced “door stop”. Most business owners today realize that a professionally designed website provides a business its online presence and aids in communicating a company’s image, brand, key benefits and value to its customers. It also adds to your overall business professionalism and credibility regardless of your company’s size! At Rockbridge we offer the most competitive pricing in the U.S. for a professionally designed custom website, while providing a close personal touch not found at any of the bargain basement “do-it-yourself” cookie cutter website design factories you see advertised on TV or in the latest Super Bowl commercial! 

We restrict our work only to the U.S. customer. We use only U.S. labor and we are dedicated to creating jobs within the U.S. while remaining competitive in both pricing and quality as compared to overseas designers. We are not simply designers. We can also help you increase your overall business sales and bottom line, by employing some of the very same techniques routinely used at larger multi-national firms.

Learn more about our office productivity software solutions at Rockbridge Services, LLC… We truly look forward to working with you !! Please feel free to contact us for more information! — The Team at Rockbridge Services and Designs